10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design

10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design

As the end of the year fast approaches, our minds can’t help but wander to the festive period when the majority of households will be entertaining more people than usual, and space is at a premium.

And although 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, we still maintain hope that we will get a chance to spend some time with loved ones this December… and again during every weekend soon!

But what to do when you need more space in the kitchen and have no more room?

This is where clever design comes into play, and we have ten of the best examples of extra space we have created in customer’s homes, or pieces of furniture that have clever storage solutions built in.

Save space in your kitchen design with these hacks…


Not necessarily the first option people may think of when imagining their dining space, but a bench can be an excellent way to save on space when you don’t require that extra seating all year round. Some households that opt for larger tables actually only need a few place settings for the majority of the year. In this case, it could be an idea to opt for less chairs (just choose the amount you need on a day to day basis), push your dining table up against a wall and keep a bench hidden underneath, ready to pull out on occasion when guests arrive. The nature of providing a bench as extra seating means that it’s easier to squeeze multiple people on there too… perfect for the children at Christmas or birthday parties through the year.

Bench - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Leaf Tables

Although leaf extending tables have been around for a while, we maintain that they can be your secret weapon in the arsenal when it comes to entertaining. Everyone deserves space at the table and with leaf extensions it will look miles better than having mismatched furniture at different heights thrust together when the whole family comes over for dinner.

Need Inspiration? 

Leaf Tables - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Chopping Boards

Ah, the chopping board. Cumbersome but a kitchen necessity. Where do you keep yours? Somewhere that is either awkward to access or takes up a lot of space, presumably? One way we love to store our heavy wooden chopping boards is actually built into the cabinetry. This can be done into a kitchen counter under the worktop, or into the side of a kitchen island. Recesses are cut into the wood and ‘pockets’ are created to house individual chopping boards. This means that when they are not in use, not only do they not take up any valuable countertop or cupboard space, they actually become a design feature in your handmade wooden kitchen.

Chopping Boards - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Moveable Shelves

When a customer requested somewhere to keep their KitchenAid mixer out of site but easily accessible, we created this moveable shelf that lifts up to the same height as the worktop with very little effort. Some kitchen appliances can be heavy and awkward to store, so this solution kept it very easy to access and use, as well as easy to store away when finished.

Extra Worktop Space

Secret double worktops can be the answer for smaller kitchens that are struggling for ample worktop space. Operated by a touch opening mechanism, a second worktop can be installed underneath the main worktop side to be brought out when required and tucked away again once finished. These second worktops can be amazing if extra space is needed for baking, working with dough and preparing food for large meals.

Extra Worktop Space - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Integrated Plugs

Hiding plug sockets in dark, useful corners is one of our favourite things to do when designing new kitchens and furniture. Some of the handiest places we have found to integrate them is on the side of kitchen islands, inside Butler’s Pantries, build into drawers and sinking a three-socket extension into the countertop, because there’s nothing worse than not having enough plugs when you need them!

Dead Space Drawers

One kitchen we completed in recent years is a perfect example of so-called ‘dead space’ that we were able to use to its full potential. A narrow kitchen, where the double oven left a space of six inches either side. Instead of just blocking these two spaces off as unusable areas, we created tall, slim drawers the perfect size for storing oils, marinades and sauces often used in cooking. Not only were these items now close to hand for whoever was stood at the stove, they were displayed in a way that was easy to see every bottle.

Dead Space Drawers - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Hidden Pan Rest

One of our customers was concerned about lifting hot, heavy baking dishes out of the oven and having to travel too far across the kitchen before it could be placed down. In this instance, we created a retractable pan rest that was hidden in the side of the kitchen island. Only needing to be used on occasion, this additional sturdy shelf could be tucked away out of sight for the majority of time, but easily accessed when needed.

Hidden Pan Rest - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

Clever Cupboards

Under the stairs cupboards can be some of the most awkwardly accessible areas in a home. One kitchen we built had a staircase leading into the adjacent open living area and so the space under the staircase was to be utilised to its fullest potential. In this space, not only did we house the fridge, freezer and double oven, we also created triangle-shaped cupboards and a full height cupboard with three long, slimline drawers – the perfect place to hide away pantry goods in a less-than-obvious spot.

Door Décor

The inside of a cupboard door can provide the perfect space for a spice rack. Those little glass jars can take up the largest of spaces when they’re not organised, and how much easier would it be to find what you need when they’re all neatly lined up in a row?! Opting for slimline shelves on the inside of a cupboard door provides the ideal spot to store your herbs, spices and seasonings.

Spice Rack - 10 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen Design by Mudd & Co

So, there you have it.

Some of our most favourite ways to save space in your kitchen, whether that be under-the-counter counters, hidden in plain sight hacks or using up every inch of space, we know how to get the best out of your kitchen design to suit you

If you would like to chat with one of our designers about how best to use the space you have in your kitchen with a space saving hack or two, just get in touch!

Contact us today to start your Mudd & Co journey.

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