2018 Kitchen trends

2018 Kitchen trends

2018 Kitchen trends


Looking to give your kitchen a total revamp or little refresh this year? Then read on through Mudd and Co’s shortlist of the top kitchen trends to look out for in 2018, to ensure your home is beautiful, practical AND bang on style.


Clutter Free: Tidy space and tidy mind indeed. Having a clutter free worktop enables you to cook calmly and keep the area clean easily. It also creates the illusion of a larger kitchen space. So when looking at your kitchen design, consider ways to keep your worktops free with roomy cabinets. Or take a look at our stylish larders for a great Mudd and Co storage solution.

Painted Cabinets: In recent times, kitchen cabinets have taken on a more basic image with plastic coatings in a range of finishes and styles. However, trends are moving back towards the more traditional routes this year, opting for classic, solid timber doors painted in a range of classy colours to match your home and style. This traditional choice lends itself beautifully to a bespoke kitchen in our range of Mudd and Co paint finishes.

More Technology: Technology is rapidly developing the way we live in our homes. Over the next year and beyond, there’ll be a focus on integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, colour changing lights and even pop-ip sockets! It’s all about making the kitchen as practical as possible, whilst creating a space you want to spend time with the family. It is the heart of the home after all!

Accentuate: Concerned that a strong colour could be overpowering? Then think about mixing and matching your cabinetry, using a bright shade as an accent against timber units or by choosing doors in a more subtle shade to break up a bank of bolder cabinets. An island in a zingy shade will inject some style without being too scary.

Show off with shelves: Keeping those worktops free of clutter is certainly on trend this year, but hiding all your best assets is not! Big, bold shelves mixed in with your cabinets work well in a kitchen and are the perfect way to show off your favourite recipe books or beloved kitchen appliances. Mudd & Co can create shelves to your required size and style to complement the rest of your kitchen.

So whether you want to give your kitchen a whole new look, or you want to find ways to make your existing design stay on trend this year, get in touch with us today to discuss the perfect solution!

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