Bespoke Mudd & Co furniture for a garden office

Bespoke Mudd & Co furniture for a garden office

Bespoke Mudd & Co furniture for a garden office

On our blog last week, we discussed the importance of having furniture in your home that’s not only useful and practical, but beautiful and stylish too. So, why not also take this practice into the garden?

If you have a gorgeous garden office, a beautiful summer house or secret hideaway at the bottom of your garden, you’ll need the perfect furniture to complement the style.

Mudd & Co recently designed and created bespoke furniture for a large Hanley garden office by Malvern Garden Buildings.

Our client was looking for stunning office furniture that made great use of the space, flattered the building style and matched the build quality, whilst being practical for an everyday workspace. We custom made the desk and storage units which feature a solid oak worktop; in this instance, the customer chose a neutral paint finish in Honeydew, although all Mudd & Co furniture can be painted in any colour.

All Mudd & Co furniture is handmade by our dedicated and skilled craftsman and is made to order, so you can be sure of something unique and tailored to your needs. Whether it’s shelving, desks or cupboards we can work with you to create furniture that fits your space – whether indoor or out! – beautifully.

After all, you’ve invested in that perfect garden building, so the finishing touches within it need to enhance that style. Bespoke, handcrafted furniture is the ideal choice both aesthetically and practically.

To enquire about a bespoke project, please contact the Mudd & Co team.



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