Bespoke kitchen case study: London townhouse

Bespoke kitchen case study: London townhouse

Bespoke kitchen case study: London townhouse

On the Mudd & Co blog this week, we thought we’d take a look at a recent project of ours to showcase the craftsmanship and design that goes into our bespoken kitchens. Over the next few months, we will be sharing some of the quirkiest, most creative and most-loved bespoke kitchens by our team to allow you to see the diverse range of kitchen spaces we can create. It’s all about combining our creative flair and passion for superior quality, with your lifestyle and desires for your dream kitchen.

This week, we are taking a look at the London townhouse kitchen.

This particular property in West Hampstead, Camden was a beautiful townhouse, benefitting from large open windows, bright illuminated rooms and glorious high ceilings. It was a practically perfect home crying out for a beautiful bespoke Mudd & Co Kitchen!

The owners – being highly sociable and regularly hosting dinner parties with friends – wanted their relatively small kitchen to be as functional as possible, with a strong focus on efficient movement around the kitchen to work in a triangle between the sink, cooker and fridge. They also wished for a small dining or work space to create a versatile room which the whole family could use. The kitchen was the place in the home which visitors gravitated towards, as the owners enticed them with their delicious culinary creations. And it’s this love of cooking which created a great need for space and storage room for utensils and equipment – preferably out of sight.

Following the initial conversation, Mudd & Co visited the West Hampstead property to measure the kitchen. Due to the customer’s brief to maximise the space and provide a functional kitchen, our designer also took the height measurements of the room – 3200mm. This encouraged him to utilise the additional space above the usual kitchen cabinet height for storage of the customers cooking equipment. To further make the most of the space, an integrated bin and corner unit with carousals for deep units was also planned in. Mudd & Co sourced suitable appliances including the extractor, slide-and-hide cooker, integrated dishwasher, washing machine and ceramic sink with left hand drainer.

In addition to the kitchen units, the customer chose a complementary, small, Black American walnut kitchen island with integrated wine rack, and sourced their own seating for this. Granite worktops finished off the overall look of the kitchen beautifully.

This kitchen case study is a wonderful example of how you can create the perfect kitchen, even if you don’t have a wealth of space. If you love to cook, love to play host and love to spend time with your nearest and dearest in the hub of the home, getting creative with your culinary skills, Mudd & Co can create the perfect environment for just that. A space that’s not only functional and a great place to cook, but a beautiful space to spend time in.

If you like this kitchen and would like to create something similar for yourself, just speak to our team about our bespoke kitchen options and mention the London townhouse design today!

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