Bookcase options

Bookcase options


There is something so grand and timeless about having a beautiful bookcase in the home, and at Mudd & Co, we believe it’s a piece of furniture that deserves to take centre-stage.


Whether it houses your Grandmother’s old recipe books, your children’s favourite bedtime reading or your prized collection of classic novels, every bookcase tells a story of the family that live in the home, and so you need something that not only stands the test of time in a busy household, but looks stunning too.

And the Mudd & Co collection of bookcases gives you just that!

Alton Double Bookcase: With its adjustable shelving, our freestanding Alton Double Bookcase is the perfect storage for your favourite books, trinkets and accessories. The largest in the range, it creates a gorgeous statement in any room.

Alton Single Bookcase: Again, this bookcase comes with adjustable shelving, providing the perfect storage for whatever you desire, and can be adapted as you wish. Standing at under 1 metre in width, it is an attractive piece of furniture and can easily fit wherever you wish.

New England Shelf Unit: Standing a little narrower than our other two bookcases, but still just as bold, the New England shelving unit with two drawers and adjustable shelving is the ideal storage solution for any room of your home.

All of our bookcases come in a choice of classic Mudd & Co colours, so you can go as subtle or as bold as you like. So, if you want somewhere to display your literature, or need somewhere accessible for the whole family to find their favourite books, check out our bookcase range today.

Mudd & Co Bookcase


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