Celebrating Staffordshire Day 2021

Celebrating Staffordshire Day 2021

This May 1st sees the sixth annual Staffordshire Day when we’re once again excited to celebrate everything amazing about our home county of Staffordshire.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s celebrations are taking place online – there will be a whole host of activities to recognise the pride we all take in our county, promoting our resilience, kindness and community spirit including a virtual market and a film festival which is new for 2021.

The reason why May 1st was chosen to mark the annual celebration of Staffordshire is to do with the county’s world-famous pottery industry. Josiah Wedgewood set up the iconic Wedgewood pottery company on the day back in 1759, paving the way for Staffordshire to become the centre of the world’s ceramics industry and himself leading the industrialisation of the manufacture of pottery.

At Mudd & Co, we’re based in the quaint market town of Leek, North Staffordshire, situated on the border of the famous Peak District National Park. Also known as the Queen of the Moorlands, we have looked to our local area for inspiration for our kitchens and furniture, naming our paint colours and after famous faces and notable places in and around the county, as well as finding inspiration locally for our antique-style cabinet doors.

Locally Inspired Paint Colours

We hand paint every kitchen and piece of furniture that leaves our workshop with five coats of our quality water-based acrylic eggshell paint. To see our full range of colours, visit our Mudd & Co colours page.

Brindley Blue
James Brindley (1716 – 27 September 1772) was an English engineer. He lived much of his life in Leek, Staffordshire, becoming one of the most notable engineers of the 18th century.

Staffordshire Clay

The geological strata of North Staffordshire are unusual and a very great variety of clays were available just under the surface. In the seventeenth century, potters dug clay out of the roads (so as not to lose any land area from cultivation) when eventually the roads were so dangerous that the practice became forbidden. This was probably the origin of the term ‘pot holes’.

Moorlands Heath

A muted fern green colour, this colour is an homage to the mighty Staffordshire Moorlands. Home to the National Trust property Biddulph Grange, the Churnet Valley Railway and the UK’s largest and number one theme park Alton Towers Resort, as well as the breath-taking Roaches rocky crop and peaceful Rudyard Lake.

Kiln Brick Red
Brick built bottle kilns were traditionally used to fire clay into pottery and with Staffordshire being the home of the ceramics industry, this deep red is reminiscent of the coal fires of yore.

Waterhouse Grey
A popular location for cycling fans, the village of Waterhouse is around 8 miles from Leek right on the southern boundary of the Peak District National Park.

Consall Blue

Another small village situated in the Staffordshire Moorlands, the perfect place for breath-taking views and a countryside walk along the Churnet Valley Railway

Celebrating Staffordshire Day 2021

Locally Inspired Door Styles

Our hand crafted cabinet doors are inspired by the local antique trade. To see the styles and read each story behind them, visit our door styles page.


Named as an homage to the famous local Victorian architect, William Larner Sugden, this door style is of typical Victorian proportions. The Victorian door reflects the late Victorian desire for more refined decoration. With a wealth of local examples of Sugden’s work, our style is heavily influenced by him.

Tongue and Groove

Compton in Leek is the home of the Victorian All Saints Church, which was built by Norman Shaw in 1887. Along with William Morris, who worked in Leek around the same period, the Tongue and Groove door style draws directly on their influence on the architecture in the local area.

Celebrating Staffordshire Day 2020

Mudd & Co handcraft bespoke kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.

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