Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas


We’ve all seen those Christmas programmes on TV: the super organised chef and their perfectly tidy kitchen with twinkly lights and stress-free cooking. Their friends gather round, sip champagne and dive into their delicious treats.

Idyllic yes… But is it actually attainable? Can we all host a beautiful party like that with such ease? Well at Mudd & Co, we really think so! Follow our tips for a party that even the host can enjoy!


Plan ahead: It goes without saying that the perfect party needs precise planning. It doesn’t have to be complex, just well organised. If you are putting on a spread, aim for things that can be prepped or even cooked ahead of time, so all you need to do on the day or during the evening is unwrap and serve. Keep your diary free the day before and the day of your party to spend time in your kitchen getting everything prepared. It may sound a little extreme, but the more time you have to leisurely get your cooking done, the more you’ll enjoy it and look forward to sharing your delights with guests.

Don’t overcomplicate it: Hosting a party can be stressful, so keeping it simple is key. Don’t go for a menu that requires a hundred ingredients and every gadget or utensil in your cupboards. Will guests really remember every single detail you put into it all after they’ve enjoyed a few cocktails throughout the night? Probably not! They’ll remember a delicious, well presented array of goodies to enjoy over festive conversation.

Have a central attraction: Every party needs a centre piece. Whether that’s a delicious festive ham to pile onto slices of thick fresh bread, or a brandy-fuelled cake to send your guests home with. Pick your party piece and make it the highlight of your evening. It doesn’t have to be hard work, just something special they can remember your delicious menu for.

Minimise washing up: This has to be the most important thing, surely?! When your guests have waved goodbye, the last thing you want to be doing is washing up or constantly loading and unloading the dishwasher! Opt for yummy finger food so guests don’t need plates or cutlery.

So if you’ve reluctantly offered to host New Year’s Eve this year, or the annual get-together with the family, don’t let the idea fill you with dread. The most entertainment at a party happens in the kitchen, and that will certainly be the case when you’ve whipped up the perfect tasty menu to fuel the fun!


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