Coffee table chic

Coffee table chic

At Mudd & Co, we create superb quality, handcrafted kitchens and furniture. But, have you ever stepped back to consider the importance of the furniture in your home and what it means to you?

Let’s take a look at the coffee table, for example. One of the most important, most used yet most underrated pieces of furniture in one’s home.

And let’s face it, our coffee tables say a lot about us! Whether we keep them stacked high with the latest glossy magazines, our favourite books, to-do lists, remote controls… the list goes on. It’s something we use every day, take for granted and possibly don’t give too much thought to.

Until now.

So, it’s time to appreciate this piece of furniture in our homes and transform them into features, not just lounge utilities.


How can we do that? By ensuring your coffee table is a beautiful design, complimentary colour and stunning shape to flatter your room perfectly. After all, it sits centre stage in your home. No longer is the coffee table just a useful piece of furniture – it has become a chance to express your style right in the heart of your home.

A Mudd & Co coffee table can be tailored exactly to your tastes, with a choice of fourteen specially selected paint shades plus gorgeous top timbers to match your home.

And, with 2017 set to be the year in which the rise of the ‘coffee table book’ becomes huge, it’s the perfect time to make sure your next favourite read sits pride of place.

To find out more about our handcrafted coffee tables, please click here.



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