Bespoke & Hand Painted Table Options

Bespoke & Hand Painted Table Options


As you know, at Mudd and Co, we are strong believers in the importance of dining together as a family. It not only boosts the mood after a long, busy day at school or work, but it also brings everyone together, enabling you to learn more about each other’s stresses and strains throughout the day and share moments of laughter and joy as you dig into a delicious meal.


And whilst having a fabulous kitchen to create that meal in is ideal, no dining experience would be complete without the perfect place to sit down and enjoy it.

So what do you want from a dining room table? If you’re looking for something bespoke that suits exactly the type of style you like, then you need a quality manufacturer rather than a standard retailer where all the tables look the same, knowing that you’ll have to settle for the bits you dislike in order and possibly be the same as a huge proportion of the rest of the country.

We produce bespoke handmade and hand painted tables – we don’t mass produce them and we don’t carry stock of our lines, so in short, every piece we handcraft from good quality timber, traditional tools and artisan skill is unique and made just for you. As you’ll see from our product pages, some pieces are shown for illustration purposes – if you looked on our website and saw no inspiring pieces then would you consider us? Plus some of our existing customer designs have gone on to be our most wanted pieces.

So how can you customise your table to get exactly what you want?

Leg Styles

We offer a choice of leg styles, from the traditional farmhouse style to the more contemporary tapered leg. We tend to offer these in 3” and 4” thick but really as they’re handcrafted from pieces of wood, you can stipulate if you want them a different size. We can also match other leg styles if you’re looking at a piece that complements other manufacturers pieces – in fact we regularly produce dining benches for our customers that match the leg style of their existing tables. Especially now that dining benches are a huge fashion icon.


Our hand painted tables, and in fact any piece of bespoke furniture, can be painted in a colour of your choice from the gorgeous Mudd and Co colour collection (click here for more information). If you’ve got a set farrow and ball colour in mind we can match this, in fact we have a huge folder of colour swatches from reputable paint brands so chances are, if you’ve found it in your local store and fallen in love with it, we can do produce your hand painted table in that exact colour. As you’ll find, there’s plenty of opportunities on our website to request a paint swatch from our most popular colours. Fill in an online form and we’ll send you a painted piece of timber so that you can see the exact hand painted finish that you’ll achieve on your bespoke furniture – what better way to envisage how it may complement your existing furniture or interior decoration.

Table Top Finish

Our handcrafted table tops are available in either pine or oak as standard, we can also provide glass tops, walnut finish, granite….if it’s not wood you’re looking for, we also work with a huge number of reputable suppliers in other materials so we can source beautiful worktops for your project. As standard on our website you can select these two timber worktops, but the best thing is to call us and discuss all nature of possibilities.


The sizes we offer is unlimited, however long or wide you need your table we can produce it, shipping it may be something we’ll need to discuss if its uncommonly large, but we’re sure we can deliver on our service.

Drop Leaf & Extension Leaf

We know that the majority of the time, the dining table is used for immediate family for the daily meals, but on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and parties, the need for extra seating and space is a difficult one. Overcome this with a hidden drop leaf or extension leaf addition to your table. Tell us the size you’d like to extend the table by and we’ll work with you to get the best solution to achieve what you need. We can also feature drawers and shelving on your table if you feel you need this.

Is there anything else we’ve not covered? If so, give us a call on 01538 388980 and have a chat with us about your needs, because let’s be honest….when that table arrives and your guests see it and complement its design and ask where it’s from, isn’t it the best feeling when you can beam at them while telling them it’s a bespoke piece, made exactly as you asked. Come on, you basically designed it and we simply followed your instructions. Not to tell them it’s a standard piece and they can also buy the exact same for £100 from a mass market website where you’re just another number.

Dining together as a family is not only great for everyone’s mood, but also for our health. According to a number of reports issued by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, children who eat at least five times a week with their family are at lower risk of developing poor eating habits, weight problems or alcohol and substance dependencies, and tend to perform better academically than their peers who frequently eat alone or away from home.

So, browse our hand painted table options today and see the difference it makes to your time as a family. After all, it’s good times with the family that make those stressful moments at work all worth while.

No dining experience would be complete without the perfect Mudd & Co table to sit down and enjoy it.


Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and hand painted tables and furniture in Staffordshire, UK.
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