Display your Crockery with a Dresser

Display your Crockery with a Dresser

As Mudd & Co is based in Leek, Staffordshire, we are very close to the traditional pottery hub of Stoke-on-Trent. Being based near the city made famous for its world-class ceramics, we had to create a product that would proudly display lots of lovely crockery…

The Potteries became the centre of ceramic production in the 17th century, leading to companies producing a huge variety of decorative and industrial items.

Although production isn’t of the same scale any more, The Potteries is still known and loved for this history.

Many collectors come far and wide for their chance to purchase a classic Burleigh pattern piece or Wedgwood crockery. And at Mudd & Co, we are proud to be so close to such a well-loved area of the UK.

If you, like us, are proud of this British heritage, have your own beautiful ceramic collection or just really want to showcase your kitchen crockery at its best, then you need a classic Mudd & Co dresser!

A dresser needs to be practical, but with Mudd & Co, you’ll also get a piece of furniture which is beautiful too. Our dressers come in a stunning range of styles, sizes and colours for you to completely personalise to your taste.

Before purchasing, you need to work out the space you have available for your new piece of furniture; if you go for a dresser too big for the room it will unbalance the feeling of the space. Yet,  if you have one too small it won’t allow you to display your beautiful crockery in a tidy, appealing manner.

You have the choice of buying your dresser ‘as seen’, like the images we have displayed here, or we can handcraft your dream bespoke design. There are lots of options that will make your dresser truly unique – from a mixture of open shelving and doors, to drawers and ‘dog kennell’ openings. The options are endless!

You need your dresser to be a useful – yet gorgeous – feature in your kitchen, and the Mudd & Co team can help you to achieve just that.

So, whether you want to proudly display your authentic Potteries collection, or you just have some old family favourites you’re tired of being hidden in the cupboard, take a look at our dresser collection and find the perfect display feature for your home.

Mudd & Co handcraft bespoke kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.

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