Welsh Dresser Options & Configurations

Dresser Options & Configurations – 12 Dresser Styles


Adding a dresser to your kitchen can create the perfect finishing touch for one of the most commonly used rooms in your house. Dressers are not only stunning to look at, but fantastically practical and versatile, the nature of the freestanding dresser means it can be moved to any position or any place in your home, because let’s face it – they’re not just for the kitchen.


Mudd and Co specialise in bespoke kitchen furniture, so with a dresser you can design it just how you like it with our range of beautiful colour options, finishes and handle styles. Everything to help it fit seamlessly into your kitchen with style.

Double Dresser Configurations – Top Half



Open Top Dresser

Open Top Dresser

Half Glazed Top

Dresser Drawer Combinations

Open Top with Drawers

Glazed Top Drawer Combination

Half Glazed Top with Drawers

Glazed Top Dresser

Full Glazed Top

If you have a larger more accommodating space, a large triple dresser can take pride of place in your kitchen. With so many dresser options, we’re positive we can create the dresser to suit your requirements.

Triple Dresser Configurations



Glazed & Open top dresser

Glazed, Open Top with Drawers

Open Top

Full Glazed & Open Top Dresser

Full Glazed Top

Three Door Glazed Top

4 Door Glazed Top

4 Door Glazed Top

The beauty of bespoke means that any combination or style can be incorporated into your final dresser design, this includes:

  • Windows – full glazed, half glazed, plain or coloured
  • Open & Closed Tops
  • Doors – as many or as little as you require in any location, we can even add louvre or bi-fold if you wish
  • Handles – choose from a wide range of handles, have them all different if you like
  • Door Styles – choose from a wide range of door inlays and designs
  • Drawers – choose to place drawers any location you require
  • Adjustable shelves – any location, grooves can also be added for plate stacking
  • Colours – internal and external colour choices
  • Size – choose the size that fits your space, slim, narrow, wide
  • Storage Options – Choose any combination
  • Worktop – Choose from a wide range of worktop finishes
  • Cornice – let us know your preferred cornice design
  • Lighting – we can add lights to allow you to illuminate your dresser

Our Favourite Dressers

In addition to the bespoke options that we have available, we show several options on our website to give customers an idea of what is available. These include:

Dog Kennel Dresser: A classic feature of an English kitchen, our Dog Kennel Dresser with open top is beautiful and practical. Our Dog Kennel Dressers are available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft widths, all measuring 212cm high and 46cm deep

Welsh Dresser: Coming with a choice of an open, glazed or closed top and in double or triple widths, our Welsh Dressers are available in 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft widths, all measuring  212cm  high and 46cm  deep.

New England Dresser: A traditional design with origins from New England shaker furniture, our New England dresser has an open rack, dovetail drawer and single cupboard door with internal adjustable shelf.

So whether you want to use your dresser for cookery books, pots and pans, or your specialist cooking equipment and baking supplies, you can ensure they are all organized perfectly and displayed beautifully in our handcrafted dresser range, all designed and produced at our workshop in Leek, Staffordshire by our skilled craftsmen.

Mudd & Co Dressers
Mudd & Co Dressers


Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.
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