Essential Kitchen Storage Hacks

Essential Kitchen Storage Hacks

Have you been fighting your lockdown boredom in the kitchen? Finally had the time to perfect your sourdough bread or relished being able to alphabetise your spice rack?

In the last few weeks, our kitchens have taken on a new importance in our lives. We’ve had the time to clean cupboards, organise our spaces and lose ourselves in cooking.

If lockdown has kickstarted a renewed love for the heart of your home, we thought you might appreciate some space saving hacks from prolific cookery writer and editor Anne Sheasby.

Along with these tips, and the clever design hacks that come as standard with a bespoke kitchen designed for you, your kitchen will be the über organised and streamlined space you need for your inner chef to flourish.

Anne’s book, How to Dice an Onion contains an entire section on storage hacks for your kitchen. Along with a plethora of amazing kitchen tricks and life hacks (you know the kind, one’s your mother swears blind she told you about), this book is definitely one for your cookery collection.

We got in touch with Anne to find out a little more about her and how she’s been coping with life since lockdown, as well as to discover what exactly her top tips on kitchen storage are…

Top Kitchen Storage Tricks from How to Dice an Onion Book

Hello Anne! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My working life started out as a home economist in industry, then I became freelance nearly 30 years ago. I worked as a cookery/food writer for numerous years and wrote many published titles, then I changed direction slightly and became a copy editor and proofreader specialising in cookery/food titles, and I continue to enjoy doing this to date. I live in North Dorset with my husband, Robbie, and our cat, Sid.

How have you been coping with lockdown? How have you been keept yourself busy?

I work from home anyway, and I have been fortunate enough to have quite a lot of work so far, which has been good. When not working, I catch up with family and friends, go for long walks and enjoy spending time in our cottage garden.

Why do you think home cooking has become so important at this time?

I think it allows people a happy and creative escape from the uncertainties around us all at the moment, plus it’s always good to share and enjoy home-baked goodies! I think we are all getting good at store cupboard cooking and creations!

Top Kitchen Storage Tricks from How to Dice an Onion Book

We’ve been hearing about people alphabetising their spice racks during lockdown; can you share some organisation hacks from your new book that we can all do at home to get our kitchens in order?

  • If you are short of space in the kitchen, cover the sink with a piece of wood cut to size or a large chopping board to create an extra work surface when the sink is not in use.
  • If you don’t have a spice rack, put jars of herbs and spices in a rectangular basket or plastic box for easy access. Many spice jars only have the name of the contents on the side (designed to be viewed in a spice rack), so label the top of each jar as well, for easy identification.
  • Mount a key holder on your kitchen wall and use it to hang useful small items, such as measuring spoons, small strainers (sieves), pastry brushes, and so on, within easy reach of your work space.
  • Stick the point of sharp implements such as skewers and knives into wine corks, to protect your hands when you reach into a drawer. The cork will also help to prevent the sharp edges from becoming dull.
  • Wine carriers or wine boxes are also useful for transporting food on a journey or picnic. Each compartment can accommodate a different food or drink.
  • Choose stackable containers to maximize storage space. Square or rectangular containers make better use of shelf space than round or oval containers.
  • Suspend a wooden or metal rail or rack from the kitchen ceiling and add large metal hooks from which to hang pots, pans and utentsils. This will free up cupboard space and work surfaces.
  • Use a cardboard wine carrier to store boxes of foil, plastic wrap (clingfilm), and similar shaped cartons upright in the slots. Store under the sink or in a cupboard to save drawer space.
How to Dice an Onion by Anne Sheasby, published by Dog 'n' Bone

How important is your kitchen to you?

Very, as I spend quite a lot of time in there, and it’s good to have relaxing and comfortable surroundings to work in. We live in an old cottage with beamed ceilings, and the kitchen is fairly modest and simple, wooden cupboards with ample storage space, and a lovely view out onto our small garden at the back.

Are you able to share any lockdown recipes with us?

I very much enjoy baking, including breads (yeasted and non-yeasted) and cakes and bakes like flapjacks and lemon drizzle cake, some of which are my own recipes and others are from other writers, but none are specific to the lockdown we are currently experiencing.

You can purchase How to Dice an Onion by Anne Sheasby, published by Dog ‘n’ Bone (£7.99) here.

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