Unfitted & Freestanding Kitchens


Freestanding kitchens compose of units such as kitchen islands, welsh dressers, larders, wall units and storage cabinets that are not fixed to a wall or floor – hence the term unfitted kitchen. This makes them easy to configure or move around within a room and reduces the need for costly fixtures and installation on top of your newly purchased kitchen.


Choose Your Freestanding Kitchen Features

The beauty of a freestanding kitchen is in the flexibility – choose a variety of complementary pieces that work for the functionality of your kitchen. Not sure what you need? Have a no obligation chat with our designers and we’ll talk you through the process.

Freestanding Kitchen Dressers

We can work with you to design a dresser to fit into any space – whatever the size of your kitchen – our single, double and triple dressers are made according to your specification.

Freestanding Kitchen Larders

In keeping with creating efficient work flow around the kitchen, our freestanding larders are handcrafted to suit the functionality of your kitchen, any size and any style.

Freestanding Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can provide additional counter space for cooking, prepping or clean up. We can design a bespoke island to suit the size and style of your kitchen.

Butchers Blocks

Hugely practical and a great way to finish a kitchen, our bespoke butchers blocks can be built however big or small you need them. Add additional shelving, pan drawers, hooks and chopping boards to make it work for you.

Freestanding Kitchen Sink Units

You have a beautifully designed kitchen but you want to integrate your sink so that it fits in with the overall feel – then a bespoke sink unit can be the perfect kitchen complementary feature.

Unfitted Kitchen Cabinets

Unfitted cabinets can be easily moved around the room, or taken with you if you choose to move house. We handcraft according to your size, style and personal taste.

Fitted or unfitted kitchens?

Many of our customers use a mix of both fitted and freestanding kitchen units within their new kitchen design. Items which need to be plumbed in would be considered fitted items, allowing you the flexibility of placing freestanding larders and dressers any place within your kitchen that suits the layout. Opting for freestanding units with chunky tops which lie close to the wall may also give the feel of a fitted kitchen but without the additional cost. We’re happy to supply exactly what you need – fitted, freestanding or a hybrid of the two.

Why we prefer unfitted kitchen designs

The unfitted kitchen features freestanding, furniture like-cabinetry, often paired with handcrafted items to create a highly personal look. Unfitted kitchens employ a mix of colours and shapes and may incorporate work spaces of different heights and materials according to their functions. There may be a marble slab for pastry making, heat-resistant granite near the oven, and a butcher block.

In an unfitted kitchen, pieces often can be approached from more than one direction, as opposed to in a built-in or fitted kitchen, where elements are attached to the walls all the way around the room

Visit Our Showroom

Our Staffordshire showroom is located at Breeze House in Leek. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Sundays 10am – 1pm. We have a wide range of traditional and modern furniture on display and encourage our customers to visit to discuss their exact requirements. If you can’t make it to a showroom, we regularly exhibit at National exhibitions, why not call us and we will send you a ticket to come and see us.

Mudd & Co can create the perfect,
bespoke freestanding kitchen solution for you.

We specialise in unfitted freestanding kitchens and furniture – all made using traditional techniques by our team of craftsmen in Leek, Staffordshire. Ready to find out more? Contact us to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly team.

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