Beautifully Bespoke Freestanding Kitchen Sink Units

Beautifully Bespoke Freestanding Kitchen Sink Units

Beautifully Bespoke Freestanding Kitchen Sink Units

It’s one of the most used areas in your kitchen, but you still want it to look stunning – learn more about our bespoke kitchens and how you can style it beautifully with a freestanding kitchen sink unit.

Freestanding kitchen sink units and bases are an essential part of kitchen design for those that want a beautiful finished kitchen which focuses on the creating an eyeline focal point for visitors but also serves as a functional and multi use space. Just look at the images we’ve provided, it’s not the usual sink we all dread after cooking dinner – it’s an instagram worthy piece of unfitted furniture that you just can’t help but love.

Our freestanding kitchen sink units are created with style in mind and designed to complete any kitchen with finesse. Made from premium quality timber, each piece is handcrafted by artisans with a meticulous approach and passion for manufacture and interior design. Our antique heritage allows us to produce aesthetically pleasing peaces that never go out of passion and continue to hold their value as well as a place in your heart. A mixture of worktops and a wide variety of handles including brass cups, chrome knobs and brushed latches provide the perfect finish to this stand alone furniture. Our close relationship with reputable and luxury ceramic sink manufacturers such as Villeroy and Boch, and Chambord mean you can feature the most exquisite sink in your neighbourhood. Complement the full kitchen sink unit with  waterfall taps, ceramic handles or any taps of your choice either from your own source or by taking advantage of our huge supplier network. A freestanding kitchen sink completes this room often referred to as the heart of the home.

Speaking to us about a bespoke freestanding kitchen sink unit is easy and an enjoyable experience, pop into our showroom in Staffordshire to see our quality work, drop online and look at our images or give our friendly team a call and tell them exactly what you’re after. We’ll mock up your ideas in several forms until you’re 100% happy with the final result. Commission us to start your work by paying a 25% deposit, we’ll start our process of meticulous handcrafting and sourcing of your finishing pieces, then when we’re ready to deliver, you pay the final balance and we drive down and drop your finished piece off.

While you’re here why not check our our bespoke kitchen gallery or our other freestanding kitchen furniture to really inspire you.

Haven’t got time to talk? Let us know what you’d like in an email by writing to us at or completing a contact form on our contact us page, or click here.

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