Furniture Guarantee Policy

Furniture Guarantee Policy

Guarantee Overview
Mudd & Co uses traditional manufacturing techniques and high quality materials in everything that we do. Our extensive product development, product testing and quality control along with our customer focused approach mean that we can offer a range of long lasting guarantees for our furniture collections. All of our items come with a 10 year guarantee.

Mudd & Co guarantees your furniture against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. This guarantee does not extend to:

  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or misuse;
  • Changing colour on exterior appearance.

Please note: Mudd & Co cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems caused if our care instructions have not been followed correctly. We provide care guides and instructions with all orders at the time of delivery. Please contact us if you would like an additional copy of our care guide.

Paint Colours
It is possible for paint colours to change over time depending on various factors such as exposure to sunlight and moisture. Additionally, as our paint is produced using natural pigments and materials, there can be some slight colour variance across different batches.

Guarantee Claim – Terms and Conditions
To generate a guarantee claim, Mudd & Co requires the original proof of purchase.

  1. The product must not have been misused or handled carelessly and must not have been willfully damaged, neglected or used in abnormal conditions.
  2. The product must not have been modified, altered or transformed in any way and repairs must not have been attempted by anyone other than Mudd & Co staff or a Mudd & Co authorised installer, or in any way in contrast to Mudd & Co advice.
  3. Appropriate maintenance must have been carried out in accordance to Mudd & Co’s care instructions. Mudd & Co will not be held responsible for any defects due to the application of any treatment product other than Mudd & Co recommended products.
  4. If a product has to be replaced and that particular product is no longer available, Mudd & Co reserves the right to use an alternative, similar product.
  5. The cost of transportation of goods to be repaired or exchanged and the labor required to do this is covered for the first year only.
  6. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Guarantee Exclusions

  1. The guarantee does not apply to wear and tear, meaning dents, scratches or normal deterioration that is caused by regular use.
  2. The guarantee does not cover any deterioration due to the usual weathering process such as fading, cracking and splitting.
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