Hand painted kitchens – Colours

Our selection of paints are perfect for creating both contemporary and traditional finishes.

Colour can change the atmosphere, space and feel of a room, whether it be relaxed, dramatic or dynamic. We can help you choose the perfect palette to suit your vision.

hand painted kitchens & furniture

Our kitchens and furniture are hand painted with water-based acrylic eggshell paint. You can choose from the 14 colours shown below, or we can create a bespoke colour for you.

A minimum of five coats (dependent on the colour) are applied to our kitchens and furniture by hand. You can experiment with our full collection of colours, designed to complement each other, whether through contrast or tone.


Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
Colour 4
Colour 7
Colour 8
Colour 9
Colour 10
Colour 13
Colour 14

Request a paint swatch

We recommend you request a paint swatch prior to purchasing a Mudd & Co product, as colours viewed on screen may not be an exact representation of the paint colour. We aim to deliver swatches within 2-3 working days.

Request a paint swatch

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