Handpainted furniture

Handpainted furniture

If you’ve had a browse around our website or read a few of our blog posts, you’ll know that the Mudd & Co passion lies with handcrafted, bespoke furniture. We are extremely proud of the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece we create in our workshop, and carefully and precisely finish to the exacting standards you’d expect from our specialist team. Whether it’s a bedside table, a wardrobe, a coffee table or a fully bespoke kitchen, you get the same amazing choice, same superb quality and, of course, same fantastic Mudd & Co service.

But, it’s often those finishing touches that create the stand-out, unique Mudd & Co style you know and love. Of course, our craftsmen put huge amounts of time, skill and effort in from the very beginning of every piece, but it’s often the colour choice and hand painted finish you go for which makes the real statement.

All of our colour options are inspired and named after the beautiful places surrounding the place our team call home – Leek in Staffordshire. We are extremely lucky to live on the outskirts of the glorious Peak District, which means on those days away from our workshop, we like to venture through the towns, villages and rolling countryside around us to draw inspiration for our designs. When you choose a Mudd & Co piece of furniture, you have a choice of 14 hand-picked colours to finish it off beautifully. And if you’re still struggling to make a decision, we can create a bespoke colour just for you.

After all, the furniture in your home should be a reflection of you. So make a statement with your coffee table! Draw attention to your wardrobe and be proud of your gorgeous, bespoke, handcrafted Mudd & Co furniture for all to see!

If you’ve got something in mind for us to handcraft for you and you can’t see it on our website, just give us a call– we’d love to hear from you and get our creative minds working on a new project. We can have a chat, work out a formal quote and then the rest is up to you – tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen! We’ll start the meticulous process of crafting your furniture, including adding that beautiful last touch of the hand painted finish in your choice of colour from the Mudd & Co Collection.

The difficult choice now is just deciding which colour is perfect for you!

Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK. Keep up to date with more Mudd & Co news on our social media pages, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. For more kitchen island ideas visit the Ideal Home website – then give us a call back on 01538 380 988 and talk us through your ideas.

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