Kitchen colours and you

Kitchen colours and you


The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It’s the hub for the whole family to catch up each day, get creative with cooking and enjoy some quality time together.


So, it’s only right that it is designed with your style in mind.

Your lounge, bedroom and bathroom are no doubt splashed with colour to emulate your character or to stimulate a certain mood. So why should you stick to the norm when it comes to the colour of your kitchen?

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen cabinets to give the hub of your home some character!

Mudd & Co kitchens are all hand painted with water-based acrylic eggshell paint. You can choose from one of the 14 statement Mudd & Co colours from our collection, or you can get really creative and we can create a bespoke colour just for you!

Will you choose the dark and mysterious Carbon Grey? Smooth and silky Soft Buttermilk? Or maybe bold and beautiful Kiln Brick Red?

What will your kitchen colour say about you?

Just be daring with your Mudd & Co style and add a splash of colour!


Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.
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