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Well-made Welsh dressers, kitchen dressers and sideboards are a beautiful addition to a designer kitchen or dining room; adding stylish versatility, these functional pieces have unlimited uses. Looking for the perfect bespoke Welsh dresser? Choose from our favourites as shown below or design your own. Maybe you’re looking for additional shelves, a solid oak worktop, a different window style or deeper soft-close drawers, all painted in your chosen colour? You may want to change the dresser size or include removable baskets. Whatever you want, choose a kitchen dresser company that can design your perfect piece. Call us on 01538 380 988 for a quote.

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Our kitchen dressers are available with open shelves, glazed or solid cupboard doors.
Beautiful craftsmanship coupled with the colour and handles of your choice result in a real show piece for your home.
As with all Mudd & Co furniture, you choose the size that best works in your space.


Have confidence in designing the perfect bespoke dresser to showcase your crockery and kitchenware with a reputable kitchen dresser company like Mudd & Co. With over 25 years of handcrafting and artisan expertise, our skilled team can draft your initial ideas into a final concept which, once approved, is meticulously and beautifully manufactured in your preferred paint colours. Our collection of bespoke Welsh dressers for existing customers includes triple Welsh dressers, double dressers, dog kennel dressers and Irish dressers, each designed with their own customisation options. Whether you require an open top Welsh dresser to showcase your valuables or a closed window top double dresser to protect your prized possessions, our team are experienced in interpreting customer specifications to create your perfect piece of furniture.

We’re conscious that your bespoke Welsh dresser must suit the rest of the room’s decor, so we encourage our customers to choose the finishing touches of their creation. Attention grabbing handles are one of the most talked about elements of dresser design, so we offer our customers a wide selection of options in various materials, including oak, chrome, beech and iron. Our personal favourites are iron cup handles, combined with a Staffordshire Clay paint finish and a Soft White internal panel colour. Whatever the style of your room, whether country kitchen, shaker or more contemporary, our choice of door styles can change the overall look of the dresser, making it the perfect focal point for any room.

To complement your new bespoke dresser, why not explore our handmade tables and chairs. Choose from our favourites online, or design your own. Download a copy of the Mudd & Co brochure for more information. Bespoke kitchen dressers from Mudd & Co are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

If you’re ready to talk to us about handmade furniture and your perfect display cabinet, you can contact us on 01538 380 988, email us or book an appointment to view our showroom or discuss your latest project in depth. We look forward to making your vision a reality.

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