Affordable Kitchen Island Designs

Affordable Kitchen Island Designs by Mudd & Co

We’re always happy when we have a delighted customer, beeming with pride as we walk away from their home after delivering a bespoke kitchen or a bespoke piece of furniture. But, we’re also aware that the economy is tough and everyone wants a good deal. That’s why we ensure that our bespoke pieces are affordable and good value for money.

We have a stunning range of islands to choose from, and with various options available, if you choose to proceed with a bespoke project, your kitchen island will be designed and crafted around your requirements – making it the perfect addition to your kitchen. First, choose your size. From our butchers block or baking station, through to our larger options, there is sure to be something that suits your needs, and that will fit nicely into your kitchen. Next, get creative with the look of your island! Choose from our gorgeous selection of Mudd and Co colours, quality top timber options and sturdy yet stylish handle styles. Personalise it to make it exclusively yours. And finally, no kitchen would be complete without great storage, so all of our islands come with a fantastic range of options to meet that need! Whether you opt for pan drawers, basket drawers or easy-access shelves, the choice is yours. So make the most of that empty lost space you have and choose from our gorgeous statement islands from Mudd and Co, to create a beautiful, yet useful feature in your kitchen. Shop all Mudd & Co islands now.

Our Favourite Kitchen Island Styles

Kitchen Islands

Quartz Worktops

Quartz provides a strong and hard wearing surface that resists germs, bacteria, stains and heat, requiring no maintenance whatsoever, which is why many of our customers choose this beautiful man made material. For in depth information on Quartz visit wikipedia. Through a combination of natural minerals (around 93%) and resin (around 7%), there are a huge amount of even finishes, colours and shades to choose from. When comparing quartz counter tops to granite, we find that they’re easier to work with in terms of cutting and installation, they’re also more even in their design given that they’re man made. Seams and joins are much easier to disguise when using quartz due to the manufactured colours than other traditional counter top materials. A huge advantage also lies in the cost – quartz is generally much cheaper than granite. Contact us to discuss the quartz options we have available or let us know what you’d like on your island or bespoke kitchen.


Sink on Freestanding Island

Integrated Sink Units

Plumbing a sink into a kitchen island is something our customers are becoming accustomed to. Gone are the days when everyone wanted a sink to look out of the window and in come the sinks integrated into islands that overlook the rest of the room or dining table. We’re happy to create bespoke kitchen islands featuring sinks, either sourced by yourself or by instructing us to find you the perfect sink and build it in. We’d then provide plans or work alongside plans give to you from your plumber to ensure everything works correctly. The upside to having a sink in the island is that all you are left with more counter tops elsewhere in the kitchen, you’re also able to do tasks looking out into the dining area or rest of the kitchen, such as prepping veg, and still be involved with family life, plus you’ll have the sink next to you to keep everything clean and tidy.

Stepped kitchen island by Mudd & Co

Multi-Level Stepped Islands

We’ve spoken to many people who simply do not have the space for a dining table in their kitchens, so by incorporating a stepped kitchen island you can make the most of both added kitchen space, plus a stepped seating area along with some complementary stools. Also, you’ll find that if you integrate a hob or sink into a stepped island, you’ll have no requirement to hide away unsightly drying dishes, pots soaking in the sink or saucepans left out while eating. All of which can be a concern when entertaining. Some customers do prefer the overall look of a flat island but choose the stepped versions purely for the livability aspect mentioned above.

Bright Kitchen Island

Coloured Islands

We’ve had a few years where the main colour for kitchen units and islands was black or white, but now we’ve a huge amount of customers coming and requesting bright and vibrant colours such as greens, yellows and striking blues. However, if you’re looking to add just a splash of colour to your kitchen, the easiest piece to customise is regularly the kitchen island. Why not feature pastel colours on the units and add a gorgeous vibrant blue to an islands overall design and top with the same worktop so that it fully complementary. This makes a great centre piece and a fantastic area of discussion when showing off your new kitchen. Contact us for more information on colours or request a paint swatch online. 

Wine Cooler Kitchen Island

Multi-Functional Islands

We showcased this kitchen island at Homebuilding and Renovating this year. It was an absolute hit, for no other reason than it’s absolutely stunning while been one of the most multi functional pieces we’ve created. By integrating both a double wine cooler and lots of additional storage, plus a seating area at the back with enough space to push stool underneath, it’s a space saving unit that can be used for family, friends and entertaining. To top it off the Black Beauty Granite by Cosentino fully complements the overall colour scheme of the island. All for less than £5000. Contact us for more information.

Islands with Extra Storage

This little stunner sits pride of place in our Staffordshire based showroom. Featuring lots of additional storage space through the sheer amount of drawers included, it’s heaven for those of us who like to keep things looking neat and tidy while also having lots of things to store. Our customers regularly as for deep pan drawers, cutlery drawers, drawers featuring waste disposal and much more. We work with a huge amount of suppliers who specialise in organisation products, so if it’s something you’re really keen to include (and who isn’t in awe when they see the organisation of Swedish kitchens?) we can source the accessories for you. For a quote on any kitchen island or bespoke project, it’s best to talk it through with us first. Call 01538 380 988 and let us know your plans.

Dining Islands

You can see straight away from the featuring image, that the kitchen island used, makes a fantastic dining space. What piece would be more functional and stylish than using a kitchen island with added storage and counter space to a kitchen that would otherwise be short on where to hide away unsightly items? There’s also a huge range of kitchen and dining stools on the market now that are the perfect complement to dining rooms and kitchen designs. You just need to look on instagram or pinterest for inspiration. If you’ve got a small to medium space that is screaming for extra storage and somewhere to share meals with family and friends, then the versatile, functional and beautiful kitchen island is the way forward.

Integrated Hob Island

Integrated Hob Islands

The featured image here shows a gorgeous modern kitchen island with walnut tops and a protective glass finish featuring an integrated hob unit and connected glass protected table. Our customer wanted a good space for entertaining while also being able to prepare food, allowing them to join in conversation facing their visitors. Choosing integrated appliances is dependent on the space available in your kitchen. We always advise that we can’t install gas or electric appliances and that these should be tested by qualified gas or electricians prior to use. But we’re more than happy to build around them. For more bespoke kitchen projects, visit our kitchen collections page. 

Small islands and Butchers Blocks

Small Islands & Butchers Blocks

A hugely practical kitchen piece and not as big as the kitchen island, is the butchers block. Generally customers with little space contact us to request a bespoke butchers block on wheels that can be moved easily around the kitchen or dining area. This allows for multi functional uses including baking stations, veg preparation or crafting. Our butchers blocks can be designed again, to any size or style you require, with removable chopping boards, extra hooks, shelves or drawers – basically whatever suits your space. We suggest you admire some of the designs shown on the website initially, possibly have a peruse through pinterest, and then contact us to discuss your ideas. You can email pictures to

Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK. Keep up to date with more Mudd & Co news on our social media pages, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. For more kitchen island ideas visit the Ideal Home website – then give us a call back on 01538 380 988 and talk us through your ideas.

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