Less is More in the Minimalist’s Kitchen

Less is More in the Minimalist’s Kitchen

Less is More in the Minimalist’s Kitchen

A true minimalist’s haven has to be exceptionally well designed. Tidy is just not enough; if, once the cupboard doors open, the room is to descend into chaos once more, space has not been utilised to its full potential.

Owning a kitchen that is designed to be minimalist should allow you to simplify what you and your family need from your kitchen space. Each of our kitchens are crafted to be bespoke to you and your needs, so you have ultimate choice on which features to include and which to cut, to make the space more refined and ultimately more useful.

A traditional country-style kitchen may not be the style that springs to mind when one thinks of minimalism, but rather it is the approach to the design of the space that makes it so.

There are four main components that help to make a kitchen minimal, these are colour, lighting, worktop and storage.


The minimalist kitchen will usually come in a very muted colour palette. We would recommend either keeping monochrome, or picking one key colour and sticking to it, usually a colour of a more natural shade. Appliances should either match the colour palette, or choose a metallic shade for the space and stick to it for hardware like your taps too.


Lighting can really lift a minimalist kitchen from a cold, soulless room into an inviting, stylish space – make sure to get it right. Go for warm white bulbs to emanate that cosy glow. Incorporate lighting within display cabinets and underneath cupboards to add a sculptural element to your minimalist kitchen and finish off with a modern chandelier to make an impressive statement.


Your worktop communicates your kitchen’s story at a glance – Pinterest says it has to be marble to be considered minimal, but we’re more easy going. Choosing a natural top like granite helps to soften the edges and warm the space up, but we love a wild terrazzo worktop that will shine in the most minimal of spaces. Just make sure whatever you go for, it’s of the highest quality!


Storage is key here, folks! Your worktops should be as bare as possible and that can only happen with clever planning behind the cabinet doors. Get cupboards with built in power sockets so you can keep your appliances hidden at all times. Also, be ruthless when it comes to keeping hold of every sandwich press, smoothie maker and measuring cup set you’ve purchased in the last 20 years – if they’ve gathered dust, is there much chance of you using them again?


If you’re ready to have your dream minimalist kitchen designed by us, contact us by phone on 01538 380988 or by email on sales@muddandco.co.uk

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