Designing The Perfect Minimalist Kitchen

Less is More in the Minimalist Kitchen


It’s often said that if you have a tidy house, you’ll have a tidy mind – i.e. the tidier and more orderly you manage to keep your home, the calmer and less stressed you’ll feel. Let Mudd & Co help you to design the perfect and functional minimalist kitchen – depending on what minimalist is to you.



Having a minimalist kitchen isn’t about making sure you constantly tidy up after every meal time: it’s about having a perfectly designed space that allows you to clean, declutter and simplify. A minimalist kitchen is a subjective thing, depending on what minimalist means to you. Everyone’s view is different and so it should be, people have different lives and so different priorities. After all, we say it all the time, but the better your kitchen is designed around you, the easier it is to use and enjoy.

If there’s one place in the house that we would everyone to streamline, it’s definitely the kitchen, but we often find that once people have the less is more approach of minimalism, that it carries its way around the rest of the house. Now minimalist doesn’t have to mean cold, stark and devoid of personality, neither does it have the stigma of being inviting and empty like it used to. Our lives have become busier, more parents are working and hours are getting longer – so the systematic approach to everything has a place and there’s a place for everything is now firmly solidified into peoples mind. How many examples of decluttering tips and tricks do you see when you scroll through your social media accounts nowadays? It’s amazing what you can do with a few old washing up liquid bottles right?

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love designing traditional, Old English kitchens, we love the comfort and homeliness of creating a busy space and for our customers who choose that style, it perfectly suits their style, taste and lifestyles.

So how can you achieve a minimalist kitchen and what should you look out for when you’re designing your space?

Due to their clean, stylish and sophisticated feel, the minimalist kitchen is a popular choice for many new homeowners and we’ve worked with quite a few to give you the a list of things to consider before you sign on that kitchen design.

Colours – The minimalist kitchen works best with clean and clear lines in neutral, soft and calm colours. We generally advise our customers to choose appliances in a matching colour to create a flawless and non obtrusive addition in the kitchen. That said, some customers do want to create a stark contrast so opt for darker and richer appliances to stand out. This is completely at your discretion. When we design a kitchen, we can source appliances or we can build around what you have or plan to buy to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Lighting – Lighting is an important feature to get right in a minimalist kitchen. The wrong lighting can create a stark and cold feel. In our experience dimmers and spotlights with a the right colour for the room, can create a welcoming and warm space, contradictory to the uninviting feel that you may expect. Incorporating lighting within display cabinets and underneath cupboards can add a sculptural element to your minimalist kitchen, making it feel much cosier than just the main lighting.

Worktops – Create a smooth finish with a complementary colour to your cabinets, possibly matching them, and you’ll make a huge step towards achieving the perfect minimalist kitchen.

Explore the Mudd & Co gallery in our bespoke kitchens section to view our range of customer kitchens. We find there’s something strangely satisfying about looking at other people’s pretty kitchens and it’s a great place to start for inspiration.

The Minimalist Kitchen – Storage is Everything

As it says above, in a minimalist kitchen, storage is everything. You should figure out  a way to efficiently store everything taht you’ll use in your kitchen. This may mean decluttering all of the appliances that you think you want, but in fact you never use. For example that coffee machine, mixing appliances and sandwich presses. Is it worth creating a huge feature to only use it once a year. How many times do you have to clean something that adds so little value to your lifestyle?

We’ve some great ideas on storage so take a look at our storage options, including our freestanding larder cupboards and beautiful kitchen dressers. They are beautifully designed and perfect to store your kitchen appliances and knick-knacks to keep those worktops free, clean and tidy. If you’re a keen baker then take a look at our bespoke butchers blocks and kitchen islands for nifty storage space for those baking utensils.


Mudd and co minimalist kitchen
Kitchen Island Space
Mudd and co minimalist kitchen
Mudd & Co Dressers
Freestanding Kitchen Larder
Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

With a bit of creativity and careful planning, your kitchen can become a chic, minimalist, beautiful space in your home. Which, in turn, will transform it into an inviting room which you’ll want to spend time in and enjoy, rather than dreading the mess and clutter that awaits.

A minimalist kitchen isn’t about being fashionable, it’s about being practical and realistic about the space you have in order for you to enjoy it to its full potential.

So, let Mudd & Co help you achieve just that!

Mudd & Co handcraft freestanding kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.
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