Baker’s Station

Baker’s Station

Baker’s Station


Mudd & Co Baker's Station
Mudd & Co Baker's Station

For any avid baker, having a dedicated area to complete your favourite hobby can seem like a dream. You lust over those gorgeous work stations on The Great British Bake Off and know that only the best baking comes from an organised and well equipped kitchen. So, let Mudd and Co introduce the Baker’s Station!

Our brand new Baker’s Station is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This freestanding island features a granite worktop, castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability (two of which have brakes), iron corner brackets, an iron sliding-hook rail and a deep drawer. Measuring 66cm wide, 66cm deep and 91cm high, it’s small enough to fit into almost any size kitchen comfortably, but large enough to make a difference to your workspace. And as it’s available in a choice of 14 different colours, it’s set to be a striking addition.

Baking requires a great deal of room. You can only make gorgeous creations if you have the room to have all your ingredients at hand on the worktop, your recipe right in front of you and plenty of empty space for kneading, rolling, mixing and measuring. We’re pleased to say the Bakers’ Station gives you just that.

And if you ensure everyone else in your house knows the rules when it comes to your favourite new kitchen accessory, it will save it from getting cluttered with other things! This station is for baking essentials only, and should remain as so! Fill the drawer with all your baking utensils and keep the top free, ready for your next baking session when the mood strikes.

Click here to read more about the options available with our Baker’s Station – ready, set, BAKE!

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