Old Rectory Kitchen

Old Rectory Kitchen



Type of Building

Georgian rectory

Size of Kitchen

8000mm x 7700mm

Kitchen Size Class


Number of Windows


Number of Doorways



The clients’ home was a large Georgian rectory, with many fantastic original Georgian features as well as later Victorian additions. The kitchen was to open out into an orangery containing a large dining table. The kitchen area was to be completely renovated and, although modern features such as underfloor heating were to be included in the design, maintaining the essence of a Georgian rectory was paramount to the clients.

Customer Specification

The clients had very specific design requirements in mind, which incorporated both modern and traditional features with the use of bold colours and a variety of work surfaces. The Mudd & Co team’s task with this project was to make the clients’ dream come to life and ensure that the space worked well aesthetically and functionally.

Door Inlay Style

Multiple door styles were used within the design

Paint Colour

Yellow Ground, Pitch Blue, High Sea


Pewter cup handles and knobs


Abode Gosford in brushed nickel


The customer came to Mudd & Co with mood boards and specific design requirements. Because of the nature of the project, several site visits were necessary during the course of the kitchen design process. Initial designs had to change during the project itself, as various features within the Georgian building either prevented certain design elements or allowed others. The clients were able to visit the factory on numerous occasions to work with Mudd & Co, in conjunction with the builders on site.




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