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Our freestanding retro-style fridges are a clever way to make your fridge freezer blend into your kitchen seamlessly, rather than interrupting the flow of units, as can so often be the case. With a retro fridge from Mudd & Co, your fridge freezer will be concealed from view, allowing your kitchen design to take centre stage. Match the design of your retro fridge to your kitchen for pure sophistication, or why not make a showpiece of it, finishing it in a contrasting colour? Our retro fridge units can be made to fit any integrated fridge freezer. Choose from our options as shown below or design your own bespoke ice box. Whatever you want, we can design your perfect piece in any size or style, call us on 01538 380 988 for a quote.

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Brompton Icebox retro fridges

Chelsea Icebox retro fridges


A freestanding retro fridge unit is a clever and stylish way of making sure your fridge freezer is concealed from view, letting the overall aesthetics of your kitchen shine. Our bespoke retro fridge units can be made to fit any integrated fridge freezer.


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We love designing a bespoke retro fridge according to a customer specification. The way the product allows your fridge freezer to seamlessly blend into the kitchen it’s housed in really changes the feel of the space – plus, with their beautiful shape and statement hinges, our retro fridge units look great and add a real sense of style.

Our retro fridge units can be made to fit any integrated fridge freezer. Our finishing touches allow you to customise your retro fridge; choose from a range of door inlay styles, paint colours, handles and hinges. For more information on our full customisation options, you can call or email us to discuss your ideas or to request more information. 

To complement your new retro fridge unit, why not explore our handmade Welsh dressers or freestanding kitchen islands. Choose from our favourites online, or design your own. Download a copy of the Mudd & Co brochure for more information.

If you’re ready to talk to us about handmade furniture, you can contact us on 01538 388 980, email us or book an appointment to view our showroom or discuss your latest project in depth. We look forward to making your vision a reality.

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