Swynnerton Kitchen

Swynnerton Kitchen



Type of Building

Victorian farmhouse

Size of Kitchen

4900mm x 4900mm

Kitchen Size Class


Number of Windows


Number of Doorways



The client’s home was a large Victorian farmhouse, which was undergoing extensive renovation and modernisation. The kitchen and dining room were separate rooms but were being knocked through into one, creating a large, light space where the whole family could relax.

Customer Specification

The client required a functional kitchen which suited the property. With young children, the client wanted a family space that felt warm and homely. A kitchen island with seating was a must, so that the children could eat and play whilst the parents prepared meals and got on with other chores and housework. A freestanding dresser was also seen as a must have, and would once again serve as both an aesthetic addition to the room as well as providing useful storage.

Door Inlay Style


Paint Colour

Pavillion Grey


Pewter cup handles
and knobs


Astbury Monobloc
in pewter


Mudd & Co were involved with the design process at the very beginning of the project, and were able to assist with the design of the whole kitchen and dining space. With our experience, knowledge and useful connections, we were able to help introduce flooring, lighting and heating experts to the client. Various design options were produced, discussed and alterations made until the final design was agreed.




We craft these elegant kitchens by hand, bespoke to your needs.

Made using traditional techniques by our team of artisanal craftspeople,
our fitted and unfitted kitchens can be customised to your exact requirements.

If you would love an exceptionally designed kitchen for your home,
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