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kitchens & furniture handmade in Staffordshire

At Mudd & Co, we believe that true style in the kitchen is based on antique heritage, material honesty and design simplicity.

Our aim is to create modern-day antiques that will bring quality, style and excellent value to any home for many years to come.

Our designs are traditional, authentic and inspired. We work to classical proportions combining traditional form, natural resources, sophisticated colours and superior finishing touches.

Our considered and handcrafted approach results in kitchens which are functional, original and elegant.

Antique heritage
Attention to detail
Artisan techniques
Handcrafted approach

Artisan techniques

All our kitchens and furniture are handmade, hand painted and hand finished. Our cabinets are in-frame and use traditional butt hinges and dovetail joints with solid wood drawer boxes.

It is these time-served techniques and our stringent attention to detail that not only ensure our products are both structurally and aesthetically pleasing, but which allow the character of each design to tell a story.

We use robust materials specifically
chosen for their suitability to our craft,
responsibly sourced and FSC controlled.

We strive to ensure there is harmony between
the honest, natural resources we start with

and the finished pieces we create.

Poplar – also known as tulipwood – is used
for framing: it has very little shrinkage and
no knots, making it ideal for painted finishes.

Our cabinet sides and backs are beech veneered,
ensuring stability and strength, and our drawer
 are made from Scandinavian redwood.
Oak drawer boxes and sides/backs are also

available as an option.


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