Which is Your Dream Dresser?

Which is Your Dream Dresser?

Typically considered a traditional piece of furniture, the dresser is a stalwart of dining rooms and kitchens worldwide – and rightly so!

The perfect addition to your collection of furniture in the home, a handcrafted and handprinted dresser is the perfect place to display everything you and your family hold dear.

Lovingly adorned with special pieces of crockery or glassware, framed photographs of your nearest and dearest, and those precious hand made ornaments gifted by little, loving hands… this beautifully crafted storage solution is quick to become the favourite item of furniture in your home.

A traditional dresser can make a dramatic centrepiece to any room, and our handmade dressers are based upon antique designs that we have discovered through our love of heritage furniture. ‘Dog kennel’ to ‘New England’, we love reviving classic styles with modern details and superior craftmanship designed to stand the test of time.

Each style of our dressers (excluding the New England Single dresser), are available with an option of how the top section is desinged – either open, closed or glazed.

An open top dresser is, as the name may suggest, open on the top shelves – with no cupboard doors, so the shelves are on full view allowing for the perfect shelfie situation.

A closed top dresser style features timber cupboard doors on the top section, meaning its contents can be hidden away from view.

The top section of a glazed style has glass doors which is the perfect design for displaying crockery and glassware, whilst protecting them from dust and keeping them extra safe.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke service, handcrafting furniture to exact specifications unique to each customer requests. There are four main types of dressers we offer ‘as standard’, available to buy as seen on our website.

Single Dressers

These are the perfect solution if you have a smaller space to fulfil your requirements. Offering a single cupboard door and single drawer below a stylish shelving unit design, they are extremely handy for storing your beloved recipe books, baking utensils or favourite cooking ingredients.

Double Dressers

This classic dresser design, featuring two drawers and cupboards in the base section, is both beautiful and practical. With an internal soft white paint finish and an external colour of your choice, you can choose to make this dresser a practical piece to blend into your kitchen, or go for a bold shade to really make a statement.

Triple Dressers

The triple dressers we offer are the largest in our collection, with three cupboards and drawers in the base section, and the bespoke options available when designing your very own go on and on! You really can make this dresser the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or dining room – it’s bound to make a statement in any room.

Dog Kennel Dressers

Offered in both double and triple models, our dog kennel dressers are a clever use of space and are available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft widths. They are so-called because the base features a cupboard either side of an empty space – sometimes referred to as the “dog kennel” – which is perfect for displaying larger items.

Not sure one of the above dressers fits the bill for your family heirlooms and trinkets?

Contact our design team and we can help decipher exactly what it is you need from your new dresser.

Whether you’re looking for additional shelves, deeper drawers, soft closing doors, a solid oak worktop, removable baskets, a different window style… our team are experts in crafting beautiful, bespoke pieces tailored to your requirements and finished with a paint colour of your choice.

Which is Your Dream Dresser by Mudd & Co?
Which is Your Dream Dresser by Mudd & Co?
Which is Your Dream Dresser by Mudd & Co?
Which is Your Dream Dresser by Mudd & Co?

Mudd & Co handcraft bespoke kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.

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