Why Choose a Hand Painted Kitchen?

Why Choose a Hand Painted Kitchen?

There is something significantly special about a space that has been crafted by hand, especially in the home.

Hand painted kitchens, cabinets and furniture has a distinctly tactile quality to it; where you can see every brush stroke and understand the craftmanship and time-honoured techniques that have gone into the creation.

Why should you choose a  hand painted kitchen, then? Sure, spray painted (or factory finish) kitchens can work out cheaper, but this may not be the case years down the line…

Hand painted wood is a classic, natural look that cannot be recreated. Painting wood by hand allows the paint to soak into the grain, following the natural patterns and knots. Along with the patterns from the brushstrokes, your painted kitchen is slightly textured, adding depth and interest to the room, elevating it above off-the-shelf options others may go for.

A hand painted kitchen is fully future proof. When it comes to a family home, you would expect for life’s little accidents to happen – we certainly do! Over the years, there may be small signs of wear and tear, little scuffs or chips here and there. One of the main benefits of a hand painted kitchen is you are able to sand down any problem areas and re-apply your colour with a paintbrush, unlike a spray-painted kitchen (this style of painting usually chips more easily too!).

As the years go on, and your style changes (or you feel like updating your kitchen), your hand painted cabinets and furniture can simply be sanded down and re-painted in your new colour of choice. The possibilities are endless and allow you to renovate your kitchen area, without the expense of replacing whole units! Here at Mudd & Co we do offer a re-painting service for customers of ours who have bespoke Mudd & Co kitchens, please contact the team for more information.

A hand painted kitchen or piece of furniture from Mudd & Co is painted in a minimum of five coats of water-based acrylic eggshell paint. We have a stunning collection of 14 Mudd & Co colours that you can choose from, or we can create a bespoke shade for you. The technique and high-quality paints we use mean that the likelihood of chipping or discolouration over time is extremely slim.

If it’s time to get creative with your kitchen, give our team a call on 01538 380988. If you would like to see our superior quality work yourself (we don’t blame you!), you can visit our Staffordshire showroom and workshop too where we will be happy to show you around.

Close up of paintwork on blue kitchen island
White porcelain handles give the kitchen a retro feel. Bespoke kitchen created for our customer who lives in a log cabin the Staffordshire countryside. Handmade by Mudd & Co

Mudd & Co handcraft bespoke kitchens and painted furniture in Staffordshire, UK.

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