Worktop Choices

Worktop Choices


When you invest in a new kitchen, you want to know it will stand the test of time; not to mention the hustle and bustle of a busy home. So here’s our quick stop guide to deciding on the best worktop for whichever Mudd and Co kitchen you choose, to keep it looking as good as new through years of cooking and family life.

Granite is hard and practical and resistant to heat and damage, however it’s still best to protect it with trivets and chopping boards.

Natural stone is softer and therefore less practical than granite but can be available in extra large slabs for minimum joins.

Solid surfaces are made from acrylic or polyester and can be thermoformed into shapes. Perfect for a seamless run, they can incorporate sinks and be easily repaired. Stain-resistant and hygienic, solid surfaces tend not to be as heat and scratch resistant as quartz composites.

Quartz composite, also known as engineered stone, is a mixture of quartz crystals and binders, such as acrylic. It has scratch, heat and stain resistance and generally comes with a 25 year stain guarantee.

Timber is available in many varieties, from hard wearing oak to types that have natural oils that make them more water resistant, such as Iroko. Timber needs regular oiling or waxing to keep it protected against stains and, if possible, you should avoid installing it around hob and sink areas.

Ceramic/porcelain is one of the strongest materials available. Scratch, heat, stain and acid resistant, it is also low maintenance and hygienic due to it’s non-porous quality.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to worktops, but our team are always on hand to find the right combination for you and your kitchen depending on its shape, design, style and uses.


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