Easter Dining

Hot cross buns Mudd & co

Easter Dining

At Mudd and Co, we love Easter. Besides Christmas, it tends to be the biggest time of year for everyone to get into their kitchens and make the most of the long weekend. Whether it’s baking a batch of delicious hot cross buns, or rustling up a mouth-watering Sunday roast, make sure you make time for your kitchen this weekend.

Hot Cross Buns

These traditional easter treats may not be the quickest or easiest things to create, but if you love a good baking challenge, then get going! Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the dough and allow it to prove effectively. And add a generous splash of cinnamon to give your whole kitchen that glorious hot cross bun scent as they bake (And when you toast them before eating too)!

Sunday Roast

What Easter weekend would be complete without a big belly-busting roast dinner? None. Exactly! Lamb can be pricey at this time of year, so if you don’t want to stick with tradition, choose a joint of your favourite meat and pile on those veggies! Get the whole family involved with prepping the dinner to make the most of the family time together in your kitchen too.

Chocolate Nests

If you’re not one for baking, or you want a simple recipe to get creative with the kids, then easter chocolate nests are perfect! Mix melted chocolate with Shredded Wheat cereal or cornflakes and pop a spoonful into cupcake cases. Make a slight indent into the middle and add some mini chocolate eggs to finish your nest. Allow to cool in the fridge and enjoy after your roast dinner… if you have any room left!

So whether you’re a seasoned baker, super chef or just want to make the most of your Mudd and Co kitchen during this long weekend, try our ideas above and let us know how you get on!


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