Freestanding Kitchen Islands – Create a Kitchen for Entertaining

Freestanding Kitchen Islands – Create a Kitchen for Entertaining

Freestanding Kitchen Islands – The Centre of Socialising

This week we’re looking at the versatility of freestanding kitchen islands, in particular when it comes to entertaining. If you’ve ever hosted a party, have you noticed how people tend to gather in the kitchen? Let’s look at the benefits of these multi-functional units to create a kitchen for entertaining.

Storage Space

Kitchen Island SpaceFreestanding kitchen islands are the ideal addition to a medium or large kitchen, but although you may consider them to be a unit that takes up space, it can add a significant amount of storage space. By designing a bespoke kitchen island or installing a freestanding unit into the kitchen, you add extra pan shelves, storage drawers produce baskets in a neat and organised manner. Regardless of how big or small your I kitchen, a bespoke island can be designed to fit your room, from small butchers blocks to larger raised breakfast bars, fitted or freestanding, these are the ideal units to choose your own. When entertaining, kitchen islands can be used to store additional drinks, glasses and other items that would not necessarily fit onto worktop space.



Freestanding Kitchen Island


Freestanding kitchen islands benefit from the ability of free movement, meaning they’re easy to move to different locations. Need to move your island from the centre and position it below the window while you’re creating more floor space for an event, simple.





Seating on KItchen Island Old RectorySeating

Raised or tiered kitchen islands such as the stepped range from Mudd&Co, provide a much needed space for guests to pull up a bar stool or to stand around while socialising. Guests always need somewhere to place their drinks, rest their feet or ditch their plate once they’ve finished with the canapes.




Sink on Freestanding Kitchen IslandSink & Stoves

Who doesn’t love a bit of theatre dining, those open kitchens where you can see the chef cooking your dish right in front of your eyes? Well Mudd&Co kitchen islands are regularly manufactured to customer specifications containing stoves and /or sinks. This way when entertaining your guests you don’t need to leave them without a host or leave the action. With ample space around the stove, guests can continue to nibble on appetisers or top up their drinks while the main course is on the griddle.





Functional Preparation

For those of us that like to get our guests involved, the kitchen island provides functional preparation space for vegetables, bread, salad.

Child Friendly

Have guests with children? Containing your entertaining to the kitchen means you can utilise your space to suit the needs of children. Usually messy play such as painting and crafting is much better suited to the kitchen. Children can then entertain themselves while you and friends socialise around the dining table or rest of the kitchen space. Ideal that coffee machines and other appliances are localised for ease of use.

Mudd & Co hand manufacture bespoke kitchen islands to suit your style. You can choose your size, colour, handles, storage options and finishing touches. So why not make the most of the space you have, contact us and create a kitchen for entertaining in 2018. If you require additional storage, visit our storage category page. Stay up to date with all visual activity at Mudd& Co by following our instagram page here

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